Scale your remote business
without the need of a big payroll,
a fancy office or glitzy website
using modern automation tools
proven playbook, frameworks,
and a community of peers.

You are...
a remote solopreneur.

Hi, I'm Ken Yarmosh.
I've been a remote solopreneur since 2005.
I've built multiple six & seven-figure remote B2B service businesses.
My work has been featured by Apple, Disney, Starbucks, and more.
I've navigated a 9-figure exit for a global remote agency.
I wrote an O'Reilly book that hit #1 on Amazon.
All remotely. Bootstrapped.
Because of a remote solopreneur mentality.'s your turn.

As knowledge workers, we find ourselves in a unique time in history.March 2020 showed today's workers that there is a better way.The Great Resignation was a recognition that the daily commute, 9 - 5, and living to work doesn't make sense anymore.

But it goes just beyond remote work.

Before the Industrial Revolution, the artisans ruled supreme.
Their biggest concern?
Honing their craft to produce the highest quality work.
The Creator Economy has thrived since 2007.
"Influencers" get to monetize large followings.
Solopreneurs have been lured by the 1% creators and a pot of gold.Passive income.Meanwhile, the average solopreneur doesn't even hit six-figures.
Those that have...get distracted.
They try too many things.
They don't know what comes next.
The result is leaving real, big dollars on the table.TL;DR

Knowledge workers have been left out in the cold...until now.

If you're someone who is...

- Never working on your business
- Constantly putting out client fires
- Using outdated Office First thinking
- Regularly having prospects ghost you
- Unaware of modern automation tools
- Isolated with no peers or trusted partners
- Struggling with meetings around the clock
- Saying you're a CEO with 1-2 employees/contractors
- Stalled on revenue or how many clients you can handle

...and more.It's time to become a remote solopreneur.

But don't join the movement if...

You're just getting started.
You're really just a freelancer.
You want to run a large company.
You don't know who your customer is.
You believe passive income is the solution.
You don't have a way to get repeatable business.

Being a remote solopreneur is not learning how to swim.
It's learning how to deep sea dive with great white sharks.

(and love doing it)

If that's you, then get on the waitlist.

TRS is an invite-only group of those wanting to move from a freelancer or small business owner mindset to a remote solopreneur mentality.

Have more questions?

Learn what else is different about a remote solopreneur.

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